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abnormal tectorial membrane striated-sheet matrix morphology (MP:0014091)
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abnormal Kimura membrane morphology  
abnormal tectorial membrane covernet morphology  
abnormal tectorial membrane marginal band morphology  
abnormal tectorial membrane striated-sheet matrix morphology  
any structural anomaly of the laminated, striated-sheet matrix within which collagen fibrils of the TM are imbedded; the striated sheet matrix is formed by two types of fine-diameter collagen filaments, a light and a dark staining type that lie in parallel within the plane of each sheet and are extensively linked along their length by staggered cross bridges; it originates medially within the sulcal zone, extends to the marginal band and is particularly evident in apical regions of the cochlea, where it has a less compressed appearance
detached tectorial membrane  
enlarged tectorial membrane  

Definition Sources: PMID:18797289, PMID:24363064

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