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abnormal basioccipital bone morphology +   
abnormal carotid canal morphology 
abnormal cranial foramen ovale morphology +   
abnormal exoccipital bone morphology +   
abnormal foramen magnum morphology +   
abnormal foramen rotundum morphology +   
abnormal hypoglossal canal morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the bony canal in the occipital bone through which the hypoglossal nerve emerges from the skull
abnormal incisive canal morphology 
abnormal incisive foramen morphology 
abnormal infraorbital foramen morphology 
abnormal internal auditory canal morphology  
abnormal jugular foramen morphology 
abnormal mandibular canal morphology +   
abnormal mandibular foramen morphology +   
abnormal mental foramen morphology +   
abnormal optic canal morphology +   
abnormal oval window morphology +   
abnormal round window morphology +   
abnormal supraoccipital bone morphology +   
abnormal vestibular aqueduct morphology  
absent occipital bone  
enlarged occipital bone +   
flat occipital bone  
fusion of atlas and occipital bones  
occipital bone foramen  
occipital bossing  
small occipital bone +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal anterior condylar canal morphology ;   abnormal anterior condyloid canal of occipital bone morphology ;   abnormal anterior condyloid foramen morphology
Definition Sources: ISBN:0683400088

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