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abnormal parotid excretory duct morphology (MP:0013750)
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abnormal parotid excretory duct morphology +  
any structural anomaly of the interlobular excretory ducts of the parotid gland which are found in the connective tissue septa and formed by the union of several intralobular striated (secretory) ducts; ultimately, the excretory ducts of the parotid gland coalesce and form a single main excretory duct (Stensen's duct) that opens into the oral cavity; excretory ducts do not change the secretory product
abnormal parotid gland acinus morphology  
abnormal parotid gland myoepithelium morphology 
abnormal parotid intralobular duct morphology +  
abnormal sublingual duct morphology +   
abnormal submandibular duct morphology  
absent parotid gland  
decreased ductal branching in the palatine gland  
decreased parotid gland size  
increased parotid gland size  
narrow salivary ducts