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abnormal parotid intralobular duct morphology (MP:0013746)
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abnormal parotid excretory duct morphology +  
abnormal parotid gland acinus morphology  
abnormal parotid gland myoepithelium morphology 
abnormal parotid intralobular duct morphology +  
any structural anomaly of any of the tubular canals of the parotid gland located within the parenchymal (secretory) tissue i.e. within lobules; both intercalated and striated (secretory) ducts are intralobular ducts
abnormal sublingual duct morphology +   
abnormal submandibular duct morphology  
absent parotid gland  
decreased ductal branching in the palatine gland  
decreased parotid gland size  
increased parotid gland size  
narrow salivary ducts