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abnormal parotid excretory duct morphology +  
abnormal parotid gland acinus morphology  
any structural anomaly of any of the secretory units (acini) of either parotid gland which in human and rodent consist almost exclusively of serous secretory cells with their lumina continuous with intercalated ducts; in mouse, parotid gland acini are very small and consist of 3-4 tall pyramidal cells with strongly basophilic cytoplasm and basally located, large spherical nuclei; the serous secretory cells contain many secretory granules having an electron-lucent profile which are situated in the supranuclear cytoplasm; the serous secretory cells have a well-developed rough endoplasmic reticulum in the infranuclear region and are surrounded by myoepithelial cells
abnormal parotid gland myoepithelium morphology 
abnormal parotid intralobular duct morphology +  
absent parotid gland  
decreased parotid gland size  
increased parotid gland size