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abnormal forestomach-glandular stomach junction morphology (MP:0013575)
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abnormal forestomach morphology +   
abnormal forestomach-glandular stomach junction morphology  
any structural anomaly of the distinct low fold of tissue that separates the non-glandular area of the stomach (forestomach) from the glandular stomach; the limiting ridge extends circumferentially from the large curvature of the stomach to the small curvature, just below the esophagus; at the esophagus, the course of the limiting ridge bends into a U-shape and almost surrounds the esophageal opening
abnormal stomach cardiac region morphology +   
abnormal stomach fundus morphology +   
abnormal stomach glandular region morphology  
abnormal stomach mesentery morphology +   
abnormal stomach position or orientation +   
abnormal stomach pyloric region morphology +   
abnormal stomach wall morphology +   
absent stomach  
distended stomach  
enlarged stomach +   
gastric cyst  
gastric metaplasia +   
gastric microaneurysm 
gastric necrosis  
gastric polyps  
gastrocolic fistula 
small stomach +   
stomach fibrosis 

Exact Synonyms: abnormal forestomach - glandular stomach squamocolumnar junction morphology ;   abnormal limiting ridge of stomach morphology ;   abnormal margo plicatus morphology ;   abnormal squamo-columnar junction between forestomach and glandular stomach morphology ;   abnormal squamocolumnar junction with the glandular stomach morphology
Definition Sources:,d.aWw&cad=rja, MGI:anna

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