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abnormal merocrine gland physiology (MP:0013557)
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abnormal apocrine gland physiology +   
abnormal bulbourethral gland physiology  
abnormal exocrine pancreas physiology +   
abnormal holocrine gland physiology +   
abnormal lacrimal gland physiology +   
abnormal merocrine gland physiology +   
any functional anomaly of any exocrine gland whose secretions are excreted via exocytosis from secretory cells into an epithelial-walled duct or ducts and thence onto a bodily surface or into the lumen; the gland releases its product and no part of the gland is lost or damaged
abnormal mucous gland physiology +   
abnormal prostate gland physiology +   
abnormal sweat gland physiology +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal eccrine gland physiology
Definition Sources:, MGI:anna

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