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decreased trachea gland number  
fewer than normal numbers of the tubuloacinar seromucous glands which are principally located in the submucosa of the trachea, open into the tracheal lumen through short ducts, and secrete mucus, lysozyme, defensins, and other agents that help protect the lungs from particles and infectious agents; in the mouse, they are restricted to the upper trachea, more specifically to the regions between the first few cartilage rings, with the precise distribution depending on genetic background

Exact Synonyms: decreased glandula trachealis number ;   decreased glandulae tracheales number ;   decreased trachea submucosal gland number ;   decreased tracheal gland number ;   reduced glandula trachealis number ;   reduced glandulae tracheales number ;   reduced trachea submucosal gland number ;   reduced tracheal gland number
Definition Sources:,, ISBN:1451113412, PMID:15973734

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