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abnormal blood-retina barrier function  
abnormal cornea physiology +   
abnormal electroretinogram waveform feature +   
abnormal eye electrophysiology +   
abnormal eye movement +   
abnormal intraocular pressure +   
abnormal lacrimal apparatus physiology +   
any functional anomaly of the network of orbital structures of the eye that secrete and drain tears from the surface of the eyeball into the nasal cavity; these parts include the lacrimal glands, lacrimal lake, lacrimal ducts, lacrimal canals, lacrimal sacs, nasolacrimal ducts, and lacrimal puncta
abnormal lens epithelium apoptosis +   
abnormal lens fiber apoptosis +   
abnormal pupillary reflex +   
abnormal response to retina ischemic injury +   
abnormal retina apoptosis +   
abnormal tear film physiology  
abnormal tear production +   
abnormal vision +   
delayed dark adaptation  
dry eyes  
eye discharge  
eye hemorrhage +   
eye inflammation +   
eyelid apraxia 
eyelid muscle spasm 
increased corneal light-scattering  
photosensitivity +   
retina ischemia  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal apparatus lacrimalis physiology ;   abnormal lacrimal system physiology ;   abnormal lacrymal system physiology ;   lacrimal drainage dysfunction ;   lacrymal drainage dysfunction
Definition Sources: MGI:anna

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