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abnormal endometrial gland development (MP:0013400)
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abnormal adrenal gland development  
abnormal endometrial gland development  
aberrant formation or incomplete differentiation of the simple or branched tubular glands found in the mucus membrane of the uterus
abnormal endometrial gland number +   
abnormal genital tubercle morphology +   
abnormal gonad rudiment morphology  
abnormal Harderian gland development  
abnormal lacrimal gland development +   
abnormal mammary gland development +   
abnormal Meibomian gland development  
abnormal ovary development  
abnormal pancreas development +   
abnormal parathyroid gland development  
abnormal pineal gland development 
abnormal pituitary gland development +   
abnormal prostate gland development +   
abnormal seminal vesicle development +   
abnormal testis development +   
abnormal thymus development +   
abnormal thyroid gland development +   
abnormal uterus development +   
abnormal vagina development  
enlarged endometrial glands  
persistent cloaca  
small endometrial glands  
streak gonad  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal uterine gland development ;   endometrial gland dysgenesis ;   uterine gland dysgenesis
Definition Sources: MGI:anna, PMID:23619340

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