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abnormal Meibomian gland development (MP:0013385)
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abnormal adrenal gland development  
abnormal endometrial gland development  
abnormal hair follicle development +   
abnormal Harderian gland development  
abnormal lacrimal gland development +   
abnormal mammary gland development +   
abnormal Meibomian gland acinus morphology  
abnormal Meibomian gland development  
aberrant formation or incomplete differentiation of the sebaceous glands located at the rim of the eyelids inside the tarsal plate and responsible for the supply of meibum, an oily substance that prevents evaporation of the eye's tear film; in mice, meibomian gland development is initiated around E18.5 with the formation of an epithelial placode and mesenchymal condensation, similar to that observed in hair follicle development; invagination of the epithelium into the developing mesenchyme then continues from birth to about P3 with initial branching of the epithelial cord detected at P5; by P8 the developing meibomian gland shows extensive ductal branching and the formation of distinct acini with mature meibomian glands present by P15 or eyelid opening
abnormal pancreas development +   
abnormal parathyroid gland development  
abnormal pineal gland development 
abnormal pituitary gland development +   
abnormal prostate gland development +   
abnormal sebocyte differentiation  
abnormal seminal vesicle development +   
abnormal thymus development +   
abnormal thyroid gland development +   
absent Meibomian glands  
delayed emergence of vibrissae  
enlarged Meibomian gland +   
Meibomian gland cyst  
Meibomian gland degeneration  
small Meibomian gland +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal tarsal gland development
Definition Sources: PMID:20664693

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