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abnormal perianal sebaceous gland morphology (MP:0013381)
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abnormal perianal sebaceous gland morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the modified holocrine gland that is part of the pilosebaceous unit of a hair located in the area around the anus; each of the specialized large hair follicles that surround and form a network around the anus has a pair of large sebaceous glands that empty into the follicle; perianal glands may function as scent glands
abnormal preputial gland morphology +   
abnormal sebaceous gland number +   
abnormal sebocyte morphology +   
abnormal skin sebaceous gland morphology +   
abnormal Zymbal's gland morphology 
absent sebaceous gland  
enlarged sebaceous gland +   
small sebaceous gland +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal anal gland morphology
Related Synonyms: abnormal circumanal gland morphology ;   abnormal perianal gland morphology
Definition Sources:, MGI:anna

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