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abnormal adrenal gland development  
abnormal endometrial gland development  
abnormal Harderian gland development  
abnormal lacrimal gland development +   
abnormal mammary gland development +   
abnormal Meibomian gland development  
abnormal pancreas development +   
abnormal parathyroid gland development  
abnormal pineal gland development 
aberrant formation or incomplete differentiation of the pineal gland which normally develops from a saccular outpocketing of the posterior diencephalic roof in the midline of the third ventricle; continued diverticulation and infolding result in a solid parenchymal mass of cords and clusters of pinealocytes and glial-like interstitial cells supported by a meninges-derived connective tissue that carries blood vessels and nerves to the pineal gland
abnormal pinealocyte morphology 
abnormal pituitary gland development +   
abnormal prostate gland development +   
abnormal seminal vesicle development +   
abnormal thymus development +   
abnormal thyroid gland development +   
absent pineal gland  
enlarged pineal gland 

Exact Synonyms: abnormal conarium development ;   abnormal corpus pineale development ;   abnormal epiphysis cerebri development ;   abnormal glandula pinealis development ;   abnormal pineal body development ;   abnormal pineal development
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