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abnormal dental mesenchyme morphology  
abnormal ectomesenchyme morphology  
abnormal frontonasal mesenchyme morphology  
abnormal head paraxial mesoderm morphology  
abnormal periocular mesenchyme morphology +   
abnormal pharyngeal arch mesenchyme morphology  
absent head mesenchyme  
head mesenchyme hyperplasia  
head mesenchyme hypoplasia  
head mesenchyme necrosis 
increased ectoderm apoptosis  
increased embryonic epiblast cell apoptosis  
increased head mesenchyme apoptosis  
increase in the number of cells of the head mesenchyme undergoing programmed cell death
increased inner cell mass apoptosis  
increased metanephric mesenchyme apoptosis  
increased neural crest cell apoptosis +   
increased tail bud apoptosis  

Exact Synonyms: increased cephalic mesenchyme apoptosis ;   increased cranial mesenchyme apoptosis
Definition Sources: MGI:anna

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