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abnormal corneal stroma development  
abnormal eye muscle development +   
abnormal eyelid development +   
abnormal hyaloid artery morphology +   
abnormal lens development +   
abnormal optic cup morphology +   
abnormal optic eminence morphology  
abnormal optic fissure closure +   
failure to initiate and/or complete closure of the transient gap in the ventral margin of the developing optic cup; fusion of the optic fissure begins with apposition of the inferior lips of the ventral-most optic cup and continues anteriorly toward its rim and posteriorly along the optic stalk; failure or late closure of the optic fissure prevents the establishment of normal fetal intraocular pressure and can result in microphthalmia associataed with colobomas
abnormal optic fissure morphology  
abnormal optic stalk morphology  
abnormal optic vesicle formation +   
abnormal periocular mesenchyme morphology +   
abnormal primary vitreous morphology +   
abnormal retina development +   
coloboma +   
eye bleb  
persistence of hyaloid vascular system  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal choroid fissure closure ;   abnormal choroidal fissure closure ;   abnormal embryonic fissure closure ;   abnormal fetal fissure closure ;   abnormal foetal fissure closure ;   abnormal retinal fissure closure ;   optic fissure closure defects ;   persistent optic fissure
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