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abnormal agouti pigmentation +   
amount and distribution of yellow pigment (phaeomelanin) relative to black or brown pigment (eumelanin) is variably increased or decreased compared with a wild-type agouti pattern resulting in a range of coat color from yellow to almost black
abnormal dorsoventral coat patterning  
abnormal flank coat pigmentation 
abnormal front foot hair pigmentation 
abnormal hair follicle melanocyte morphology +   
abnormal hair follicle melanogenesis  
abnormal hair shaft melanin granule morphology +   
abnormal hind foot hair pigmentation  
abnormal pinna hair pigmentation  
abnormal rostrocaudal coat patterning  
abnormal tail hair pigmentation  
abnormal ventral coat pigmentation  
absent coat pigmentation  
belly blaze  
black belted 
diluted coat color  
grizzled coat color  
head blaze  
irregular coat pigmentation +   
white spotting +   

Definition Sources: MGI:llw2

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