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abnormal urachus morphology +  
abnormal urinary bladder detrusor smooth muscle morphology  
abnormal urinary bladder development 
abnormal urinary bladder fundus morphology 
abnormal urinary bladder mucosa morphology  
abnormal urinary bladder neck morphology  
abnormal urinary bladder trigone morphology 
abnormal urinary bladder urothelium morphology +   
abnormal urinary bladder vasculature morphology  
abnormal urinary bladder weight +   
absent urinary bladder  
adrenal gland cyst  
atrium cyst  
biliary cyst  
bulbourethral gland cyst  
cystolithiasis +   
distended urinary bladder  
embryo cyst  
enlarged urinary bladder  
epididymal cyst  
epithelioid cyst +   
gastric cyst  
inguinal cyst 
inner ear cyst  
jaw cyst +   
kidney cyst +   
lip cyst 
liver cyst  
lung cyst  
lymphomesenteric cyst 
Meibomian gland cyst  
ovary cyst +   
pancreas cyst  
prostate gland cyst  
Rathke cleft cyst 
skin cyst +   
spina bifida cystica  
throat cyst 
thymus cyst  
thyroid gland cyst  
urinary bladder cyst  
presence of one or more abnormal membranous sacs, usually filled with a fluid or viscous substance, along the internal lining of the urinary bladder
urinary bladder diverticulum 
urinary bladder exstrophy  
urinary bladder fibrosis  
urinary bladder hypoplasia  
urinary bladder obstruction  
urinary bladder prolapse 
uterus cyst  
vagina cyst 
vesicovaginal fistula  
vulva cyst 

Exact Synonyms: bladder cyst ;   bladder cysts ;   cystic bladder ;   cystic urinary bladder ;   urinary bladder cysts
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