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abnormal glomerular capillary morphology +   
abnormal glomerular filtration barrier morphology  
abnormal glomerular mesangium morphology +   
abnormal susceptibility to glomerulonephritis +  
absent renal glomerulus  
cortical renal glomerulopathies +   
decreased renal glomerulus number  
glomerular crescent  
formation of a crescent-shaped (semi-lunar) glomerular lesion corresponding to extracapillary proliferation of Bowman's capsular epithelium and acquiring a fibroblast-like spindled morphology, possibly stimulated by release of fibrinogen from a ruptured glomerular basement membrane; epithelial crescents occur in aggressive forms of glomerulonephritis, may be accompanied by collagen and fibrin deposition and/or monocyte and macrophage proliferation, may protrude into Bowman's space, and ultimately compress and destroy the glomerular tuft
increased renal glomerulus lobularity  
renal glomerular protein deposits +   
renal glomerular synechia  
renal glomerulus atrophy  
renal glomerulus fibrosis  
renal glomerulus hypertrophy  
renal glomerulus lipidosis  

Definition Sources: MGI:anna

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