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abnormal circulating glucagon level +   
abnormal circulating glucose level +   
abnormal circulating insulin level +   
abnormal glucagon secretion +   
abnormal gluconeogenesis +   
abnormal glucose tolerance +   
abnormal glycogen homeostasis +   
abnormal hepatic glucose production +   
abnormal insulin clearance  
abnormal insulin secretion +   
abnormal renal calcium reabsorption  
abnormal renal glucose reabsorption  
any anomaly in the process in which glucose is taken up from the collecting ducts and proximal and distal loops of the nephron
abnormal renal phosphate reabsorption  
abnormal renal protein reabsorption +   
abnormal renal sodium reabsorption  
abnormal renal water reabsorption  
abnormal urine glucose level +   
increased insulin sensitivity  
insulin resistance  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal nephron glucose absorption ;   abnormal renal glucose absorption
Definition Sources: GO:0035623

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