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decreased activation-induced B cell apoptosis  
decreased activation-induced cell death of T cells  
decreased adipose tissue apoptosis +  
decreased anoikis 
decreased B cell apoptosis  
decreased cardiomyocyte apoptosis  
decreased chondrocyte apoptosis  
decreased dendritic cell apoptosis  
decreased embryonic tissue cell apoptosis +   
decreased female germ cell apoptosis 
decreased fetal cardiomyocyte apoptosis 
reduction in the number of fetal cardiomyocytes undergoing programmed cell death
decreased fibroblast apoptosis  
decreased hair follicle apoptosis 
decreased hepatocyte apoptosis  
decreased hindbrain apoptosis  
decreased keratinocyte apoptosis  
decreased kidney apoptosis +   
decreased macrophage apoptosis  
decreased melanoblast apoptosis 
decreased neuron apoptosis +   
decreased osteoblast apoptosis +   
decreased ovary apoptosis +   
decreased periocular mesenchyme apoptosis  
decreased pituitary gland apoptosis 
decreased retina apoptosis  
decreased skeletal muscle cell apoptosis 
decreased splenocyte apoptosis  
decreased T cell apoptosis +   
increased fetal cardiomyocyte apoptosis  

Exact Synonyms: decreased fetal cardiomyoblast apoptosis ;   decreased foetal cardiomyoblast apoptosis ;   decreased foetal cardiomyocyte apoptosis ;   reduced fetal cardiomyoblast apoptosis ;   reduced fetal cardiomyocyte apoptosis ;   reduced foetal cardiomyoblast apoptosis ;   reduced foetal cardiomyocyte apoptosis
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