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abnormal autophagy +   
abnormal bile salt homeostasis +   
abnormal cell adhesion +   
abnormal cell cycle +   
abnormal cell death +   
abnormal cell differentiation +   
abnormal cell motility +   
abnormal cell proliferation +   
abnormal cellular cholesterol metabolism +   
abnormal cellular glucose uptake +   
abnormal cellular replicative senescence +   
abnormal cellular respiration +   
abnormal cholesterol homeostasis +   
abnormal cilium physiology +   
abnormal circulating ketone body level +   
abnormal DNA-templated transcription  
abnormal epigenetic regulation of gene expression +   
abnormal fibroblast physiology +   
abnormal germ cell physiology +   
abnormal hepatoblast physiology +   
abnormal intestinal goblet cell physiology  
abnormal intestinal lipid absorption +   
abnormal intracellular organelle physiology +   
abnormal lipid level +   
abnormal lipid oxidation +   
anomaly in the process of removal of one or more electrons from a lipid, with or without the concomitant removal of a proton or protons, by reaction with an electron-accepting substance, by addition of oxygen or by removal of hydrogen
abnormal lipolysis +   
abnormal neural crest cell physiology +   
abnormal osteoblast physiology +   
abnormal redox activity +   
abnormal vesicle-mediated transport +   
decreased susceptibility to hyperlipidemia  

Definition Sources: GO:0034440

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