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abnormal anterior lingual gland morphology +   
abnormal Bartholin's gland morphology 
abnormal cardiac gastric gland morphology 
any structural anomaly of the gastric glands in the cardiac region of the stomach; cardiac glands are fewer in number than in the fundus and body, and secrete mucin which coats the stomach and protects it
abnormal endometrial gland morphology +   
abnormal gastric chief cell morphology  
abnormal gastric parietal cell morphology  
abnormal gastroesophageal sphincter morphology 
abnormal intermediate gastric gland morphology  
abnormal mucous neck cell morphology  
abnormal palatine gland morphology +   
abnormal pyloric gastric gland morphology  
abnormal stomach enteroendocrine cell morphology  
abnormal submucosal gland morphology +   
abnormal urethral gland morphology +   
dilated gastric gland  
gastric gland atrophy  
gastric gland degeneration  
gastric gland hyperplasia  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal cardiac glands of stomach morphology
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