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abnormal forestomach morphology (MP:0010784)
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abnormal forestomach morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the distinct rodent non-glandular region of the stomach which is demarcated from the glandular stomach by the limiting ridge (margo plicatus); the forestomach accounts for about 60% (rat) and 70% (mouse) of the stomach volume and receives the esophagus at the cardiac antrum; the wall of the forestomach consists of, from inside to outside, stratified squamous epithelium, the lamina propria (epithelium and lamina propria form the mucosa), the muscularis mucosae, the submucosa, the muscularis interna and externa (inner circular and outer longitudinal layers of smooth muscle), and the serosa
abnormal forestomach-glandular stomach junction morphology  
abnormal stomach cardiac region morphology +   
abnormal stomach fundus morphology +   
abnormal stomach glandular region morphology  
abnormal stomach mesentery morphology +   
abnormal stomach position or orientation +   
abnormal stomach pyloric region morphology +   
abnormal stomach wall morphology +   
absent stomach  
distended stomach  
enlarged stomach +   
gastric cyst  
gastric metaplasia +   
gastric microaneurysm 
gastric necrosis  
gastric polyps  
gastrocolic fistula 
small stomach +   
stomach fibrosis 

Exact Synonyms: abnormal anterior stomach morphology ;   abnormal antrum cardiacum morphology ;   abnormal non-glandular stomach morphology ;   abnormal proximal stomach morphology ;   abnormal stomach cardiac antrum morphology ;   abnormal stomach non-glandular region morphology
Definition Sources:, ISBN:0849366887, MGI:anna

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