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decreased activation-induced B cell apoptosis (MP:0010675)
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decreased activation-induced B cell apoptosis  
decreased frequency of B cell apoptosis that occurs upon engagement of either the B cell receptor or CD40, but not both; the engagement leads to expression of fas or related receptors that make the B cell susceptible to fas-ligand mediated death
decreased activation-induced cell death of T cells  
decreased adipose tissue apoptosis +  
decreased anoikis 
decreased B cell apoptosis  
decreased cardiomyocyte apoptosis +   
decreased chondrocyte apoptosis  
decreased dendritic cell apoptosis  
decreased embryonic tissue cell apoptosis +   
decreased female germ cell apoptosis 
decreased fibroblast apoptosis  
decreased hair follicle apoptosis 
decreased hepatocyte apoptosis  
decreased hindbrain apoptosis  
decreased keratinocyte apoptosis  
decreased kidney apoptosis +   
decreased macrophage apoptosis  
decreased melanoblast apoptosis 
decreased neuron apoptosis +   
decreased osteoblast apoptosis +   
decreased ovary apoptosis +   
decreased periocular mesenchyme apoptosis  
decreased pituitary gland apoptosis 
decreased retina apoptosis  
decreased skeletal muscle cell apoptosis 
decreased splenocyte apoptosis  
decreased T cell apoptosis +   
increased activation-induced B cell apoptosis  

Exact Synonyms: decreased activated B cell apoptosis ;   decreased activation-induced cell death of B-cells ;   decreased activation-induced cell death of B-lymphocytes ;   reduced activated B cell apoptosis ;   reduced activation-induced B-cell apoptosis ;   reduced activation-induced cell death of B cells ;   reduced activation-induced cell death of B lymphocytes
Broad Synonyms: decreased AICD ;   decreased antigen-driven apoptosis ;   reduced AICD ;   reduced antigen-driven apoptosis
Xrefs: GO:0071948
Definition Sources: PMID:11032170

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