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atrial situs inversus (MP:0010431)
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abdominal situs abnormality +   
abnormal atrium endocardium morphology  
abnormal atrium myocardium morphology +   
abnormal heart atrium auricular region morphology +   
abnormal heart atrium weight 
abnormal heart left atrium morphology +   
abnormal heart right atrium morphology +   
abnormal interatrial septum morphology +   
atrial situs inversus  
anomaly in the asymmetry of the cardiac atria such that atria on both the left and right side have the morphology normally seen on the opposite side of the body
atrium cyst  
atrium hypoplasia +   
cor triatriatum +   
dilated heart atrium +   
ectopia cordis  
enlarged heart atrium +   
left atrial isomerism  
left-sided isomerism +   
lung situs inversus +   
right atrial isomerism  
right-sided isomerism +   
right-sided stomach  
situs ambiguus  
situs inversus +   
superior-inferior ventricles  
visceral organ asymmetry 

Xrefs: Fyler:0150 ;   Fyler:150
Definition Sources: MGI:csmith

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