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abnormal adaptive immunity +   
abnormal antigen presentation +   
abnormal cell-mediated immunity +   
abnormal humoral immune response +   
abnormal hypersensitivity reaction +   
abnormal immune cell physiology +   
abnormal immune organ physiology +   
abnormal immune serum protein physiology +   
abnormal immune tolerance +   
abnormal immunoglobulin transcytosis  
abnormal inflammatory response +   
abnormal innate immunity +   
abnormal lymphatic system physiology +   
any functional anomaly of the interconnected system of spaces, organs and vessels between body tissues and organs through which fluid, fats, proteins, and lymphocytes are transported to the bloodstream as lymph, and microorganisms and other debris are removed from tissues
abnormal response to antigen +   
abnormal response to transplant +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal lymph system physiology ;   abnormal lymphoid system physiology
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