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increased facial angiofibroma incidence (MP:0010342)
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increased cardiac fibroma incidence 
increased desmoid tumor incidence  
increased eyelid tumor incidence +  
increased facial angiofibroma incidence 
greater than the expected number of a benign tumor of fibrous or fully developed connective tissue on the face, in a specific population in a given time period; appear as red or yellow papules containing dilated vascular channels
increased facial hemangioma incidence 
increased fibrohistocytoma incidence  
increased lip tumor incidence +   
increased lung fibroma incidence 
increased mammary gland fibroma incidence 
increased neurofibroma incidence  
increased ovarian fibroma incidence 

Exact Synonyms: increased adenoma sebaceum incidence
Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8, MGI:csmith

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