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abnormal gastroesophageal sphincter physiology (MP:0010154)
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abnormal cardiomyocyte apoptosis +   
abnormal defecation +   
abnormal digestion +   
abnormal exocrine pancreas physiology +   
abnormal facial muscle physiology +   
abnormal feces composition +   
abnormal fetal cardiomyocyte proliferation +   
abnormal gastroesophageal sphincter physiology +   
any functional anomaly of the thick circular layer of gastric musculature encircling the gastroesophageal junction that functions to reduce backflow into the esophagus from the stomach
abnormal gastrointestinal motility +   
abnormal gut flora balance  
abnormal intestine physiology +   
abnormal muscle cell glucose uptake +   
abnormal muscle contractility +   
abnormal muscle electrophysiology +   
abnormal muscle precursor cell physiology +   
abnormal muscle regeneration +   
abnormal muscle relaxation +   
abnormal muscle tone +   
abnormal salivary gland physiology +   
abnormal skeletal muscle cell apoptosis +   
abnormal skeletal muscle satellite cell proliferation +   
abnormal stomach pH +   
abnormal tendon physiology +   
abnormal vascular smooth muscle physiology +   
cardiomyopathy +   
decreased muscle fatigability  
esophageal inflammation  
gastrointestinal hemorrhage +   
increased muscle fatigability  
increased muscle free fatty acids level  
muscle hemorrhage  
muscle twitch +   
muscle weakness +   
palate inflammation 
peritoneal inflammation  
stomach inflammation  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal cardiac sphincter physiology ;   abnormal inferior esophageal sphincter physiology ;   abnormal inferior oesophageal sphincter physiology ;   abnormal lower esophageal sphincter physiology ;   abnormal lower oesophageal sphincter physiology
Broad Synonyms: abnormal esophageal sphincter physiology ;   abnormal oesophageal sphincter physiology
Related Synonyms: abnormal constrictor cardiae physiology
Xrefs: MA:0002951
Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8

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