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abnormal bicarbonate homeostasis +   
abnormal calcium ion homeostasis +   
abnormal chloride level +   
abnormal choline level +   
abnormal copper homeostasis +   
abnormal erythrocyte ion transport +   
abnormal iron homeostasis +   
abnormal magnesium ion homeostasis +   
abnormal manganese homeostasis +   
abnormal nitrate level +   
abnormal nitrite level +  
abnormal phosphate level +   
abnormal plasma anion gap +   
abnormal potassium ion homeostasis +   
abnormal renal calcium reabsorption  
abnormal renal glucose reabsorption  
abnormal renal phosphate reabsorption  
any anomaly in the process by which phosphate (salt or ester of phosphoric acid) is transported out of the renal tubules back into the bloodstream
abnormal renal protein reabsorption +   
abnormal renal sodium reabsorption  
abnormal renal water reabsorption  
abnormal sodium ion homeostasis +   
abnormal urine organic anion level +   
abnormal urine organic cation level  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal kidney phosphate reabsorption ;   abnormal phosphate reuptake
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