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abnormal kidney apoptosis +   
abnormal kidney cell proliferation +   
abnormal kidney epithelial cell primary cilium physiology  
abnormal kidney glutathione peroxidase activity +  
abnormal podocyte physiology +   
abnormal renal arterial blood pressure +  
abnormal renal filtration +   
abnormal renal plasma flow rate +   
abnormal renal reabsorption +   
any anomaly in the two-step process beginning with the active or passive extraction of substances (such as water, glucose, oligopeptides, amino acids, sodium (Na+) and other ions) from the renal tubule fluid into the renal interstitium, and the subsequent transport of these substances out of the renal interstitium back into the bloodstream; reabsorption begins in the proximal convoluted tubules and continues in the loop of Henle, distal convoluted tubules, and collecting tubules
abnormal renal sympathetic nerve activity +   
abnormal renal transport +   
abnormal renal vascular resistance +   
abnormal renal water homeostasis +   
abnormal susceptibility to kidney reperfusion injury +   
abnormal tubuloglomerular feedback response +   
kidney failure  
kidney hemorrhage +   
kidney inflammation +   
renal ischemia  
renal tubular acidosis  
vesicoureteral reflux  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal kidney reabsorption ;   abnormal kidney reuptake ;   abnormal kidney uptake ;   abnormal nephron absorption ;   abnormal renal reuptake ;   abnormal renal uptake
Narrow Synonyms: abnormal renal basolateral membrane transport ;   abnormal renal basolateral membrane uptake ;   abnormal renal brush border transport ;   abnormal renal brush border uptake
Xrefs: GO:0070293
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