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spleen vascular congestion (MP:0010020)
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abnormal spleen capsule morphology  
abnormal spleen development +   
abnormal spleen iron level +   
abnormal spleen perifollicular zone morphology 
abnormal spleen red pulp morphology +   
abnormal spleen size +   
abnormal spleen trabecular artery morphology 
abnormal spleen trabecular vein morphology 
abnormal spleen white pulp morphology +   
abnormal splenic cell ratio  
abnormal splenocyte morphology +   
absent spleen  
accessory spleen  
ectopic spleen 
heart vascular congestion  
kidney vascular congestion +   
liver vascular congestion  
pale spleen  
pulmonary vascular congestion  
spleen fibrosis  
spleen vascular congestion  
obstruction of the normal flux of blood within the blood vessel network of the spleen

Exact Synonyms: congested spleen vasculature ;   splenic vascular congestion
Definition Sources: MGI:anna

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