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abnormal adrenergic neuron morphology  
abnormal airway basal cell differentiation  
abnormal axon radial sorting  
abnormal Bergmann glial cell differentiation  
abnormal brain development +   
abnormal brain interneuron morphology  
abnormal Cajal-Retzius cell morphology +   
abnormal cerebral cortex pyramidal cell morphology +   
abnormal cholinergic neuron morphology +   
abnormal CNS synapse formation +   
abnormal dendritic cell differentiation +   
abnormal dopaminergic neuron morphology +   
abnormal embryonic/fetal subventricular zone morphology +   
abnormal enteric neuron morphology +   
abnormal enterocyte differentiation  
abnormal fat cell differentiation +   
abnormal GABAergic neuron morphology +   
abnormal glutaminergic neuron morphology +   
abnormal glycinergic neuron morphology 
abnormal granulocyte differentiation +   
abnormal hippocampus neuron morphology +   
abnormal keratinocyte differentiation  
abnormal medium spiny neuron morphology  
abnormal megakaryocyte differentiation  
abnormal melanocyte differentiation  
abnormal mesenchymal cell differentiation involved in lung development  
abnormal mononuclear cell differentiation +   
abnormal motor neuron morphology +   
abnormal myoblast differentiation  
abnormal myofibroblast differentiation +   
abnormal myotube differentiation +   
abnormal neural plate morphology +   
abnormal neural tube morphology +   
abnormal neurite morphology +   
abnormal neuroendocrine cell morphology +   
abnormal neuron differentiation +   
abnormal growth or development of the cells of the nervous system that receive, conduct, and transmit impulses
abnormal neuron mitochondrial morphology +   
abnormal neuron number +   
abnormal neuron polarity  
abnormal neuron specification  
abnormal neuronal stem cell morphology  
abnormal organ of Corti supporting cell differentiation +   
abnormal osteoblast differentiation +   
abnormal osteoclast differentiation  
abnormal pancreatic alpha cell differentiation  
abnormal pancreatic beta cell differentiation  
abnormal pancreatic delta cell differentiation  
abnormal pancreatic epsilon cell differentiation  
abnormal peptidergic neuron morphology 
abnormal PP cell differentiation  
abnormal Purkinje cell morphology +   
abnormal sensory neuron morphology +   
abnormal serotonergic neuron morphology  
abnormal spinal cord interneuron morphology +   
abnormal synapse morphology +   
abnormal thalamus neuron morphology  
abnormal vascular endothelial cell differentiation  
abnormal vestibulocochlear ganglion morphology +   
anencephaly +   
ectopic neuron +   
impaired granulosa cell differentiation  
impaired luteal cell differentiation  
impaired neural crest cell differentiation +   
neuron degeneration +   
neuron hypertrophy +   
neuronal cytoplasmic inclusions  
neuronal intranuclear inclusions  

Related Synonyms: abnormal neuronal differentiation
Alternate IDs: MP:0006008
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