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abnormal stratum corneum lipid matrix formation (MP:0009596)
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abnormal corneocyte morphology +   
abnormal stratum corneum lipid matrix formation  
altered lipid composition or intercellular lipid matrix assembly in the stratum corneum, usually resulting in loss of epidermal barrier function; normally, the intercorneocyte lipid matrix consists of a complex lipid mixture of ceramides, cholesterol and long-chain saturated fatty acids that self-assembles into an ordered multilayer structure known as lipid lamellae
absent epidermis stratum corneum  
hyperkeratosis +   
impaired stratum corneum desquamation  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal intercorneocyte lamellar lipids ;   abnormal intercorneocyte lipid lamellae ;   abnormal stratum corneum extracellular lipid matrix ;   defective epidermal lipid matrix composition ;   epidermal lipid matrix defects
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