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abnormal mammary gland epithelium morphology (MP:0009504)
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abnormal abdominal mammary gland morphology 
abnormal areola morphology 
abnormal cervical mammary gland morphology 
abnormal inguinal mammary gland morphology  
abnormal mammary gland connective tissue morphology  
abnormal mammary gland development +   
abnormal mammary gland epithelium morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the mammary gland epithelium which is normally enveloped by a basement membrane, embedded into fatty connective tissue stroma, and organized as a bilayer, with an inner luminal layer of secretory epithelial cells, and an outer basal layer; each cell layer expresses specific molecular markers; luminal epithelial cells are characterized by the expression of the receptors for systemic hormones, i.e. estrogens, progesterone and prolactin, whereas basal cells (aka myoepithelial cells) express smooth muscle contractile proteins; in functionally differentiated mammary gland, during lactation, luminal cells produce milk, whereas myoepithelial cells are contractile and serve for milk expulsion
abnormal mammary gland lobule morphology +   
abnormal mammary gland number +   
abnormal mammary gland stroma morphology  
abnormal nipple morphology +   
abnormal thoracic mammary gland morphology  
decreased mammary gland tumor incidence +   
increased mammary gland tumor incidence +   
mammary gland hyperplasia  
mammary gland hypoplasia  
pale mammary gland