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short sperm flagellum (MP:0009239)
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abnormal outer dense fiber morphology  
abnormal sperm axoneme morphology +   
abnormal sperm connecting piece morphology  
abnormal sperm end piece morphology  
abnormal sperm flagellum thickness +   
abnormal sperm midpiece morphology +   
abnormal sperm principal piece morphology +   
absent sperm flagellum  
coiled sperm flagellum  
detached sperm flagellum  
elongated sperm flagellum  
hairpin sperm flagellum  
kinked sperm flagellum  
multiflagellated sperm +   
short sperm flagellum  
decreased length of the whiplike posterior filiform portion of the spermatozoon that provides sperm motility

Exact Synonyms: decreased sperm flagellum length ;   short sperm tail ;   truncated sperm flagellum
Definition Sources: MGI:anna

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