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abnormal anterior lingual gland morphology +   
abnormal Bartholin's gland morphology 
abnormal cardiac gastric gland morphology 
abnormal endometrial gland morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the numerous simple or branched tubular glands lined by ciliated columnar epithelium and found in the mucus membrane of the uterus which secrete mucus, lipids, glycogen, and protein; endometrial glands and their secretions (termed histotroph) are critical regulators of peri-implantation embryo survival and implantation as well as establishment of uterine receptivity
abnormal female preputial gland morphology +   
abnormal female urethral gland morphology 
abnormal intermediate gastric gland morphology  
abnormal ovary morphology +   
abnormal palatine gland morphology +   
abnormal placenta metrial gland morphology +   
abnormal pyloric gastric gland morphology  
abnormal submucosal gland morphology +   
abnormal urethral gland morphology +   
absent endometrium  
endometrium atrophy  
endometrium fibrosis  
endometrium hyperplasia  
endometrium hypoplasia  
thin endometrium  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal glandulae uterinae ;   abnormal uterine glands
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