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abnormal intestinal iron level (MP:0008740)
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abnormal brain iron level +   
abnormal circulating iron level +   
abnormal heart iron level +   
abnormal intestinal epithelium morphology +   
abnormal intestinal iron level +   
anomaly in the amount of iron present in the large or small intestinal tissue
abnormal intestinal mucosa morphology +   
abnormal intestinal smooth muscle morphology  
abnormal intestine development +   
abnormal intestine placement +   
abnormal kidney iron level +   
abnormal large intestine morphology +   
abnormal liver iron level +   
abnormal milk iron level 
abnormal pancreas iron level +   
abnormal small intestine morphology +   
abnormal spleen iron level +   
decreased intestine length +   
herniated intestine  
increased intestine length +   
intestinal edema  
intestinal fibrosis  
intestinal microaneurysm 
intestinal mucus accumulation  
intestinal stenosis  
intestinal/bowel diverticulum  
intestine polyps +   

Definition Sources: MGI:smb

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