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abnormal axon extension +   
abnormal axon fasciculation +   
abnormal axon guidance  
abnormal axon pruning  
abnormal Purkinje cell axon morphology +   
abnormal Purkinje cell dendrite morphology  
abnormal Purkinje cell differentiation  
atypical production of or inability to produce the neurons located at the interface of the molecular and internal granule layers of the cerebellar cortex
abnormal Purkinje cell mitochondrial morphology  
abnormal Purkinje cell number +   
abnormal Purkinje cell size +   
abnormal radial glial cell morphology +   
ectopic Purkinje cell  
impaired neuron differentiation  
premature neuronal precursor differentiation  
Purkinje cell degeneration +   

Definition Sources: ISBN:0838580343

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