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abnormal pineal recess morphology +  
absent third ventricle  
dilated third ventricle  
enlarged fourth ventricle  
enlarged lateral ventricles  
enlarged third ventricle  
increased size of the narrow cleft inferior to the corpus callosum, within the diencephalon, between the paired thalami; its floor is formed by the hypothalamus, its anterior wall by the lamina terminalis, and its roof by ependyma; it communicates with the fourth ventricle by the cerebral aqueduct, and with the lateral ventricles by the interventricular foramina
small third ventricle  
supratentorial ventricles enlargement 

Exact Synonyms: enlarged 3rd ventricle ;   enlarged ventriculus tertius ;   increased third ventricle size
Related Synonyms: increased ventriculus tertius size
Definition Sources:, MESH:A08.

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