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retina photoreceptor degeneration (MP:0008450)
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abnormal photoreceptor connecting cilium morphology  
abnormal photoreceptor inner segment morphology +   
abnormal photoreceptor outer segment morphology +   
abnormal retina cone cell morphology +   
abnormal retina rod cell morphology +   
amacrine cell degeneration  
cochlear hair cell degeneration +   
decreased retina photoreceptor cell number +   
hippocampal neuron degeneration  
increased retina photoreceptor cell number +   
motor neuron degeneration  
Purkinje cell degeneration +   
retina ganglion cell degeneration  
retina photoreceptor degeneration +   
a retrogressive impairment of function or destruction of a cell specialized to detect and transduce light, including rods and cones of the retina
vestibular hair cell degeneration  

Exact Synonyms: retinal photoreceptor degeneration
Definition Sources: MESH:A08.663.650.650, MGI:csmith

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