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increased gonadotroph cell number (MP:0008334)
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decreased gonadotroph cell number +   
decreased gonadotroph cell size 
increased gonadotroph cell number  
greater number of the anterior pituitary cells that can produce both follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH)
increased gonadotroph cell size 

Exact Synonyms: gonadotrope hyperplasia ;   gonadotroph cell hyperplasia ;   gonadotroph hyperplasia ;   increased LH-secreting cell number ;   increased gonadotrope number ;   increased gonadotrophic hormone secreting cell number
Narrow Synonyms: increased FSH cell number ;   increased FSH-producing cell number ;   increased FSH-secreting cell number ;   increased LH cell number ;   increased LH-producing cell number
Definition Sources: MESH:A06.407.747.608.750

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