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abnormal macrophage derived foam cell morphology (MP:0008243)
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abnormal alveolar macrophage morphology +   
abnormal germ cell morphology +   
abnormal Kupffer cell morphology  
abnormal macrophage cell number +   
abnormal macrophage derived foam cell morphology +   
any structural anomaly of a type of macrophage containing lipids in small vacuoles and typically seen in atherolosclerotic lesions, as well as other conditions
abnormal macrophage differentiation  
abnormal melanophage morphology 
abnormal metallophilic macrophage morphology  
abnormal microglial cell morphology +   
abnormal osteoclast morphology +   
abnormal peritoneal macrophage morphology  
abnormal perivascular macrophage morphology  
abnormal spleen marginal zone macrophage morphology  
foam cell reticulosis +   

Xrefs: CL:0000517
Definition Sources: CL:0000517

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