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abnormal early germinal center B cell number +   
abnormal late germinal center B cell number +   
decreased germinal center B cell number +   
increased B-1 B cell number +   
increased B-2 B cell number  
increased follicular B cell number  
increased germinal center B cell number +   
greater number of rapidly cycling mature B cells which have downregulated IgD expression and exhibit high levels of binding by peanut agglutinin (PNA), and are involved in T-dependent immune responses; germinal center B cells are found typically in the germinal centers of lymph nodes and spleen
increased marginal zone B cell number  
increased marginal zone precursor B cell number +   
increased plasma cell number  

Exact Synonyms: increased germinal centre B cell number
Definition Sources: CL:0000844, GO:0002314, ISBN:0781735149

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