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abnormal femur compact bone thickness +   
abnormal femur head morphology +   
abnormal femur neck morphology +   
abnormal trochanter morphology  
absent femur  
bowed femur  
club-shaped femur  
decreased diameter of femur  
reduced width of the cross-sectional distance that extends from one lateral edge of the femur, through its center and to the opposite lateral edge
decreased diameter of fibula 
decreased diameter of humerus  
decreased diameter of radius  
decreased diameter of tibia  
decreased diameter of ulna  
decreased femor compact bone volume 
decreased femoral compact bone area  
decreased femur size +   
decreased internal diameter of femur  
femur fracture  
increased diameter of femur  
increased femor compact bone volume 
increased femoral compact bone area  
increased femur size +   
increased internal diameter of femur  

Exact Synonyms: decreased outer diameter of femur ;   decreased periosteal diameter of femur ;   reduced diameter of femur ;   reduced outer diameter of femur ;   reduced periosteal diameter of femur ;   thin femur
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