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abnormal ankle joint morphology  
abnormal anterior longitudinal ligament morphology 
abnormal articular cartilage morphology  
abnormal atlanto-occipital joint morphology +  
abnormal coccyx morphology  
abnormal costochondral joint morphology +   
abnormal costovertebral joint morphology +   
any anomaly in the normal joining of the ribs to the vertebral column, these connections are made by costovertebral ligaments between the head of the rib and the body of the thoracic vertebra
abnormal elbow joint morphology +   
abnormal hand joint morphology +   
abnormal incudomalleolar joint morphology  
abnormal incudostapedial joint morphology  
abnormal interphalangeal joint morphology +  
abnormal intervertebral disk morphology +   
abnormal knee joint morphology +   
abnormal pectoral girdle joint morphology +  
abnormal pelvic girdle joint morphology +   
abnormal posterior longitudinal ligament morphology  
abnormal sacrum morphology  
abnormal spine curvature +   
abnormal sternocostal joint morphology +   
abnormal synovial joint capsule morphology +   
abnormal synovial joint cavity morphology  
abnormal synovial joint membrane morphology  
abnormal temporomandibular joint morphology +   
abnormal vertebrae morphology +   
asymmetric rib joints +   
elongated vertebral column  
fused synovial joints  
short vertebral column  
spinal stenosis  
synovial hyperemia 

Exact Synonyms: abnormal costovertebral articulation ;   abnormal rib-vertebral column attachment
Definition Sources:, MGI:csmith, UBERON:0002292

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