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abnormal uterine NK cell morphology (MP:0008054)
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abnormal immature NK cell morphology +   
abnormal mature NK cell morphology +   
abnormal NK cell differentiation  
abnormal NK cell number +   
abnormal uterine NK cell morphology +   
any structural anomaly of a natural killer cell subset that is found in the decidual of the uterus, is CD56-high, Galectin-1-positive and CD16-negative, and is the most abundant immune cell type in the decidual during the first trimester of pregnancy
absent placenta metrial gland 

Exact Synonyms: abnormal GMG cell morphology ;   abnormal dNK cell morphology ;   abnormal decidual NK cell morphology ;   abnormal decidual natural killer cell morphology ;   abnormal granulated metrial gland cell morphology ;   abnormal uNK cell morphology ;   abnormal uterine natural killer cell morphology
Xrefs: CL:0002343
Definition Sources: PMID:14568979, PMID:19800965

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