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increased brain tumor incidence +   
increased eyelid lipodermoid incidence 
increased eyelid myxoma incidence 
increased eyelid neuroma incidence 
greater than the expected number of a tumor composed of nerve tissue found in the eyelid, occurring in a specific population in a given time period
increased ganglioneuroma incidence  
increased gangliosarcoma incidence  
increased glioma incidence +   
increased lip neuroma incidence 
increased meningioma incidence  
increased neuroblastoma incidence  
increased neurofibroma incidence  
increased neurofibrosarcoma incidence  
increased oculomotor nerve neuroma incidence 
increased pineal gland tumor incidence 
increased pituitary gland tumor incidence +   
increased Schwannoma incidence  
increased trigeminal neuroma incidence  

Related Synonyms: eyelid neuroma
Definition Sources:, NCBI:matt

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