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abnormal blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier function (MP:0006088)
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abnormal autonomic nervous system physiology +   
abnormal blood-brain barrier function +   
abnormal blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier function  
anomaly in the function of the group of barriers and transport systems in the choroid plexus located in the lateral, third, and fourth brain ventricles that controls the entrance of substances into the cerebrospinal fluid from the blood
abnormal blood-inner ear barrier function  
abnormal blood-retina barrier function  
abnormal carotid body physiology +   
abnormal central pattern generator function +   
abnormal cerebrospinal fluid physiology +   
abnormal embryonic neuroepithelial cell proliferation +   
abnormal endoneurial fluid pressure +  
abnormal ependyma motile cilium physiology +   
abnormal glial cell physiology +   
abnormal glymphatic system physiology  
abnormal hippocampus physiology  
abnormal hypothalamus physiology +   
abnormal myelination +   
abnormal nervous system electrophysiology +   
abnormal nervous system regeneration +   
abnormal neuroendocrine gland physiology +   
abnormal neuron physiology +   
abnormal neuronal stem cell physiology +   
abnormal response to CNS ischemic injury +   
abnormal sensorimotor gating +   
abnormal somatic nervous system physiology +   
abnormal somatosensory cortex physiology +   
abnormal synaptic physiology +   
abnormal tau protein phosphorylation +  
abnormal vascular endothelial cell physiology +   
abnormal vascular permeability +   
abnormal vascular smooth muscle physiology +   
abnormal vascular wound healing  
blood vessel inflammation +   
brain ischemia  
CNS inflammation +   
coronary artery spasm  
decreased hindbrain apoptosis  
endoneurial edema 
increased brain apoptosis +   
increased neural tube apoptosis +   
increased spinal cord apoptosis  
intracranial hemorrhage +   
intramural bleeding in blood vessel wall 
nerve inflammation +   
pathological neovascularization +   
seizures +   
spinal hemorrhage  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal blood-CSF barrier
Definition Sources:, PMID:15314169

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