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abnormal retina horizontal cell morphology (MP:0006068)
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abnormal amacrine cell morphology +   
abnormal chemoreceptor morphology +   
abnormal Muller cell morphology  
abnormal nociceptor morphology  
abnormal olfactory bulb interneuron morphology +   
abnormal parasympathetic neuron morphology  
abnormal polymodal receptor morphology 
abnormal proprioceptive neuron morphology +   
abnormal retina bipolar cell morphology +   
abnormal retina development +   
abnormal retina ganglion cell morphology +   
abnormal retina horizontal cell morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the laterally interconnecting neurons in the outer plexiform layer of the retina that connect rods of one part of the retina with cones in another part of the retina
abnormal retina inner limiting membrane morphology  
abnormal retina layer morphology +   
abnormal retina outer limiting membrane morphology  
abnormal retina photoreceptor morphology +   
abnormal retina vasculature morphology +   
abnormal sensory neuron innervation pattern +   
abnormal susceptibility to age-related retinal degeneration +   
abnormal sympathetic neuron morphology +   
abnormal thermoreceptor morphology 
abnormal total retina thickness +   
absent retina  
decreased sensory neuron number +   
decreased susceptibility to induced retina damage  
decreased ventral retina size  
increased sensory neuron number +   
retina coloboma  
retina degeneration +   
retina deposits +   
retina detachment +   
retina fibrosis  
retina fold  
retina gliosis  
retina hemorrhage  
retina hyperplasia  
retina hypoplasia  
retina spots  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal horizontal cell morphology ;   abnormal retinal horizontal cell morphology
Definition Sources:, ISBN:0-683-40008-8

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