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abnormal appendicular skeleton morphology +   
abnormal axial skeleton morphology +   
abnormal bone structure +   
abnormal cardiac muscle tissue morphology +   
abnormal cartilage morphology +   
abnormal clitoral bone morphology +   
abnormal enthesis morphology  
abnormal eye muscle morphology +   
abnormal joint morphology +   
abnormal ligament morphology +   
abnormal muscle development +   
abnormal muscle fiber morphology +   
abnormal muscle glycogen level +   
abnormal muscle triglyceride level +   
abnormal muscle weight +   
abnormal perichondrium morphology +   
abnormal skeletal muscle morphology +   
abnormal skeleton development +   
abnormal smooth muscle morphology +   
abnormal tendon morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the fibrous bands or cords of connective tissue at the ends of muscle fibers that attach muscles to bones and other structures
bone necrosis 
calcified muscle  
decreased muscle tumor incidence +  
decreased skeletal tumor incidence +   
dystrophic muscle  
ectopic bone +   
hyperostosis +   
increased muscle tumor incidence +   
increased skeletal tumor incidence +   
muscle degeneration +   
muscle hypoplasia +   
muscular atrophy +   

Related Synonyms: tendon dysplasia
Definition Sources: MESH:A02.880

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